Can hospitals use e-cigarettes? The ban is lifted!

Can hospitals use e-cigarettes? The ban is lifted!

The University of Nottingham hospital trust is a British hospital trust company that operates the Queen's medical center and the city hospital at the same time. After the Royal College of internal medicine confirmed that the use of e-cigarettes is safer than cigarettes, the foundation lifted the ban on the use of e-cigarettes in hospitals. It is one of the first hospital trust companies in England to allow the use of e-cigarettes in hospitals.

The foundation said that because there is evidence that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes, and it is conducive to helping people quit smoking, they decided to cancel the ban on e-cigarettes in hospitals.

Although the ban has been lifted, the use of e-cigarettes in hospital rooms is still prohibited, because e-cigarettes do have smell or fragrance, and some patients do not like others to use e-cigarettes indoors.

Can hospitals use e-cigarettes? The ban is lifted!

Dr Stephen Foley, medical director, said: "We have the responsibility to help our patients make healthy life choices. As a  replacement therapy, e-cigarettes have many potential benefits, so we allow e-cigarettes to be used in our hospitals, hoping to help employees and patients quit smoking. Although the use of e-cigarettes sometimes causes some social civilization problems, we think it is more important to help everyone get rid of the harm of cigarettes."

Professor John Britton, a respiratory consultant, said: "we need to encourage smoking patients to use  or e-cigarettes to quit smoking when seeking medical treatment in the hospital, because cigarettes are too harmful and must be quit as soon as possible, but it is difficult to quit smoking successfully only by personal willpower."

The hospital's new smoking policy also promises to provide smoking cessation services for patients and employees. With the deepening of the concept of health, people pay more and more attention to health preservation and gradually abandon some bad habits. The momentum of quitting smoking is also surging. Because of its health attributes, e-cigarettes are used by many people as a tool to replace cigarettes, and the use of e-cigarettes has gradually become a popular trend.

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