University of London Research School points out that electronic cigarettes have no direct smoking cessation function

University of London Research School points out that electronic cigarettes have no direct smoking cessation function



This study led by Robert West, a health psychologist at University College London, found that electronic cigarette has no direct smoking cessation function (it belongs to non passive smoking cessation). What it advocates is actually  substitution




Electronic cigarette has no direct smoking cessation function (non passive smoking cessation). What it advocates is actually  substitution method



The media has also reported another rigorous study, which shows that the success rate of quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes is twice that of using substitute products such as chewing tablets or patches. This study, led by Robert West, a health psychologist at University College London, found 5863 people who wanted to quit smoking the previous year. Some used electronic cigarettes, some used substitutes, and some did not use any products. The study published in Addiction found that the success rates of smoking cessation in the three groups were 20%, 10.1% and 15.4% respectively. After adjusting the variables including age, gender, socio-economic status,  dependence and so on, West found that compared with the other two groups, e-smokers had a 60% chance of success in quitting smoking.




The function of electronic cigarette to quit smoking has been questioned. To put it bluntly, it is an electronic product and a very good invention. It can experience certain addiction without burning. This contribution to smokers can never be obliterated.




There are reports in some authoritative media, such as "Tobacco Online" and "People's Daily". From these reports, we can see that electronic cigarettes are not as useless as some people say. The reason why there are so many bad words is actually too normal, because it robs too many interests of the cigarette industry. It is inevitable to be attacked.




So there is nothing wrong with selling e-cigarettes. The mistake is only to exaggerate the choice and cheat consumers. The fault was that there was no after-sales service. If businesses can sell electronic cigarettes as computers, there won't be so many curses




If everyone is calm, look carefully. Electronic cigarettes are definitely healthier than cigarettes. Because this one does not burn, has no tar, has no carbon monoxide, and has no second-hand smoke, it has almost no substance of traditional cigarettes. There is only . But many people do not understand that the electronic cigarette itself has nothing to do with . Only the cigarette bombs have something to do with




"The scientific name of  is . If you want to know more, please log on Baidu to search for"  "and you can see its detailed introduction. Some unrealistic statements will be broken."




Cigarette bombs are the cigarette holders that people usually see. They are divided into high, medium, low and zero concentrations according to the content. (The other ingredients are usually propylene glycol water flavoring agent) So if you suspect that electronic cigarettes have side effects. You can completely choose zero concentration, then there is no . There will be no harm. But those articles attacking electronic cigarette never mentioned the difference of smoke bomb concentration. The intention is too obvious. Ten thousand steps back. Even if there is , it is not as terrible as everyone thinks.  is not a carcinogen, it is only addictive, and it is found in cigarettes. Moreover, the maximum content is only 1/3 of the concentration of ordinary cigarettes. So it is thousands of times healthier than your cigarettes. This is mainly because it does not burn, and the electronic cigarette is gradually getting rid of its dependence on electronic cigarettes. The reason why there are different concentrations is to gradually reduce



What should I look at most when buying electronic cigarettes?



Can Electronic Cigarette Quit Smoking




In addition to the quality problem, we should also look at the after-sales service. This is an electronic product. After sales guarantee is very important. Some businesses don't have after-sales service at all, so they are scolded so badly.




The rule of successful smoking cessation




Trilogy of Electronic Cigarette Quitting Smoking




"Smoking addiction" can be divided into physical and psychological, and each smoker basically integrates both. However, the intensity of the two types of "addiction" will vary from person to person: some people are mainly physical addiction, while others are mainly psychological addiction. For smokers with physical addiction, few succeed in quitting smoking by willpower alone, because  can cause serious dependence, and withdrawal symptoms are very serious. To find out which type of "addiction" you are a smoker, you can judge according to the following " Dependence Test Form".




It is not enough to give up smoking only by perseverance, and we must cooperate with other methods. replacement therapy recommended by the World Health Organization is a safe and effective way to treat physical addiction. If the score is below 6, it means that you are a smoker with psychological addiction, and you should focus on behavioral therapy. The following methods can be tried: stick to the promise of quitting smoking with your perseverance and avoid the temptation of cigarettes; Refuse others' cigarettes; Divert your desire for cigarettes with other activities (such as sports, deep breathing, walking, etc.). Such smokers may also have withdrawal symptoms, such as restlessness, emotional instability, depression, inattention, sleep disorders, etc., but they are lighter than those with serious physical addiction, so it is relatively easy to overcome them. It is recommended to use supplements for those with serious physical smoking addiction.




A questionnaire survey on the online forum of electronic cigarette shows that nearly 90% of smokers have given up traditional cigarettes after using electronic cigarettes. Although this high proportion of figures is bound to cause controversy, it also highlights that the success rate of e-cigarette smoking is relatively high.




An electronic cigarette forum conducted a questionnaire survey from June to July 2014. More than 10000 people answered the questionnaire, and most of the netizens lived in the United States. 89% said they smoked more than 10 cigarettes a day before smoking electronic cigarettes, but 88% said they had stopped smoking traditional cigarettes. This is similar to the results of a survey published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in April. This study, involving 19000 participants from all over the world, shows that about four fifths of these smokers have completely stopped smoking traditional cigarettes after switching to electronic cigarettes, and the remaining one fifth has also decreased from 20 cigarettes a day to 4 cigarettes on average.




It is worth noting that such a high proportion of quitting refers to traditional cigarettes. Another phenomenon is that the participants in both studies are fans of e-cigarettes, so the evaluation of e-cigarettes would have been better. Although there is a sampling problem, two surveys still show a trend: electronic cigarettes help quit smoking.




Electronic cigarette has no function of quitting smoking directly




Another interesting phenomenon is that electronic cigarettes with various flavors are more conducive to quitting smoking. In the survey of the Electronic Cigarette Forum, two-thirds of quitting netizens said that smoking is not smoking




Grass flavored electronic cigarette is an important factor for them to quit smoking. A previous survey of 4500 people in the same journal showed that they were




Cigarette grass flavored e-cigarettes are later converted to other flavors. The impact of multiple flavors may lie in that since the new flavor is more attractive than the tobacco flavor, it is natural to not want to smoke traditional cigarettes again.






Any alternative way to quit smoking is to earn your money&mdash& mdash; It's not kind of you to help you quit smoking. If you quit smoking, who do they depend on to make a fortune?




Special note: Up to now, there is no clinical technology or product that can break off cigarette addiction and drug addiction. As long as the principle of quitting smoking and the reaction in the process of quitting smoking are clear, and with the psychological preparation in advance, quitting is not difficult. The most difficult thing for smokers to stop taking drugs (tobacco is also a drug) is not to give up physical addiction (dependence), but psychological dependence.




The last (and most difficult) stage of quitting smoking is when the physical addiction is gone and the psychological addiction is still alive. For "How to Quit Smoking Safely and Easily" and "How to Quit Smoking Safely and Easily", you can read relevant professional articles on the scientific website&mdash& mdash; Once you understand, you can successfully give up your physical and psychological addiction.

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