What is Big Smoke Electronic Cigarette

What is Big Smoke Electronic Cigarette

In the past two years, a large electronic cigarette has become popular in the electronic cigarette market. Compared with the traditional electronic cigarette, the biggest feature of this kind of electronic cigarette is that it not only produces a large amount of smoke, but also has a much larger smoke sense than the traditional electronic cigarette, and the atomizer is also large. Not to mention traditional cigarettes. The biggest advantage of this large electronic cigarette is that it is full of smoke flavor and pleasing to the eyes. People who first contact with e-cigarettes may not receive them, because cigarettes are rarely smoked, and it is a little difficult to accept such a big thing at once. But who told him he was sexy now? In fact, the principle of big smoke electronic cigarette is similar to that of ordinary electronic cigarette. The biggest difference is that the battery capacity is large, the atomizer is improved, the performance of the electric heating wire is better than before, and more cigarette oil is loaded. The principle is the same. With battery power supply, the atomizer heats up and produces smoke.

There are many factors that affect the size of electronic cigarette, not only the smoke liquid.

1. The proportion of PG/VG in smoke liquid: it has to be said that smoke liquid is really an important factor affecting the size of smoke. (Note: PG refers to propylene glycol and glycerol refers to VG.) When VG is high, smoke will be heavy.

2. Battery voltage: under the condition of constant current and constant resistance, the greater the voltage, the greater the smoke emission. The popular electronic cigarette on the market now has digital display, voltage display and resistance display.

3. Resistance value of atomization core: under the condition of constant current and voltage, the lower the resistance value, the greater the smoke emission. The conventional value of EGO series electronic cigarette is 1.6-2.5 ω。 three ω Few people use it because of the high resistance, low smoke volume and insufficient smoking. With the maturity of technology and the rise of demand, the resistance will become smaller and smaller. It actually reaches several tenths of an ohm. You can play with smoke, take a breath and spit it out, and the steam covers your head.

4. Current: The amount of smoke is also related to the current. In the case of constant voltage and resistance, the greater the current, the greater the smoke volume.

5. Vital capacity of people breathing electronic cigarettes: there is no significant difference between EGO series of electronic cigarettes. Sucking high-power electronic cigarettes has a great relationship with a person's vital capacity. People with large lung capacity take deep breath and steam rolls; People with low lung capacity take a deep breath and steam a little.

6. Air flow: under certain conditions, the air flow is large and the smoke is large. Before 2014, the electronic cigarette industry did not have the concept of airflow. As long as you inhale ventilation, you do not stop breathing.
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