Are you ready to seize the overseas market of electronic cigarettes?

Are you ready to seize the overseas market of electronic cigarettes?

Recently, the General Administration of Customs issued the Announcement on Matters Related to the Taxation of Electronic Cigarettes (No. 102 in 2022), imposing consumption tax on imported electronic cigarettes from November 1, 2022. The Announcement made it clear that e-cigarettes will be included in the scope of consumption tax collection, and e-cigarettes will be added under tobacco tax; The tax rate of the production (import) link is 36%, and the tax rate of the wholesale link is 11%; For taxpayers exporting electronic cigarettes, the export tax rebate (exemption) policy applies; Add e-cigarettes to the list of imported goods that are not duty-free in the border exchange market and levy taxes according to regulations.

According to the Blue Book of Electronic Cigarette Industry Export in 2022, the global electronic cigarette market size will exceed 108 billion dollars in 2022. It is estimated that the overseas electronic cigarette market size will maintain a growth rate of 35% in 2022, with the total size exceeding 100 billion dollars. In terms of China's e-cigarette export, it is estimated that the total export of e-cigarettes will reach 186.7 billion yuan in 2022, with an expected growth rate of 35%.

The packaging of electronic cigarette products for export shall meet the requirements prescribed by the department of tobacco monopoly administration under the State Council. Electronic cigarette products that are not sold in China and are only used for export shall comply with the laws, regulations and standards of the destination country or region; If the destination country or region has no relevant laws, regulations and standards, it shall comply with the relevant requirements of China's laws, regulations and standards.

At present, there are more than 1500 domestic e-cigarette manufacturing and brand enterprises, including more than 1200 manufacturers, more than 200 e-cigarette brand enterprises and about 120 cigarette oil enterprises. More than 70% of the enterprises mainly export their products overseas.

At first, the electronic cigarette was required by foreign countries, because there are many laws and regulations in foreign countries that prohibit smoking in public places, and the living standard of foreign people is generally high. There are many rich people, and they have strict requirements on the quality of life. Therefore, it was originally designed for export.

If you want to ask which country has the most widely distributed electronic cigarette stores, in people's impression, the first thought must be the United States! Because the United States is the world's largest electronic cigarette market in various countries, with the largest number of physical stores (before the introduction of the new FDA regulations on electronic cigarettes).

According to data, the fastest growing electronic cigarette market is North America, mainly the United States. The market size in 2021 is estimated to be US $10.3 billion, while that in Canada is US $1.4 billion. It was followed by Western Europe, which was US $6.6 billion, the Asia Pacific region, which was US $4.4 billion, and Eastern Europe, which was US $1.6 billion. The smallest market is the Middle East and Africa, which is $490 million, Latin America, which is $122 million, and Oceania, which is $118 million.

In Europe, France is one of the best-selling EU member states markets for electronic cigarettes, with a market size of 817 million euros, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. There are 2.8 million e-cigarette users in France, with an adult usage rate of 5.4%, nearly twice the adult usage rate (2.9%) in the overall EU market.

When selling e-cigarettes in the European and American markets, you can choose to register an overseas entity, such as an American company, a Canadian company or a British company, to sell them, which can not only achieve localized operation, but also obtain more traffic tilt from the platform. Yishuitong has local operation centers in the United States, Europe and other places, which can help you solve the problems of foreign company registration and financial and tax compliance, and help export enterprises seize the overseas market of electronic cigarettes.
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