How about electronic cigarettes and small cigarettes?

How about electronic cigarettes and small cigarettes?



A large number of small cigarette users are not novices at all, but old players who have been transformed from big smoke, which is a state of mind to return to nature.


Or the pole box is still not easy to carry, so in order to enjoy the smoke at any time, I bought a small smoke device.



Of course, some people buy cigarettes to experience a different feeling.



Even novices should have the right to choose their own tobacco oil.



Now there is a lot of tobacco oil in various flavors. If you don't like one flavor, you can immediately change to another.



This is a good thing for people who simply quit smoking, because it can increase users' confidence in the effect of small cigarettes.



How about electronic cigarettes and small cigarettes?



For users who only want to quit smoking:



If I buy a small cigarette and find that none of the officially SOLD cigarette cartridges is suitable for me.



What should I do?



Can I change another cigarette machine?



What if there is no cigarette cartridge for me for the next small cigarette? The money was wasted.



Just stick to it and endlessly endure this despairing little smoke?



I don't think so. Anyway, I've quit smoking for many years, but I can't succeed every time. This time, it's over.



There may even be a situation: when a friend around me also wants to quit smoking and is ready to buy small cigarette equipment, I will dissuade him, because I have stumbled here, and I think small cigarettes are garbage.


The user does not maliciously smear e-cigarettes, but he does not know e-cigarettes at all, or he has never tried "real" e-cigarettes.


What if I'm an old player?


Old players have tasted the vast amount of tobacco oil, and they have long had an X number in mind about which kind of tobacco oil they most like.


When I opened my cigarette with joy, I found that my favorite cigarette oil was not allowed to be used.



Is your heart cold?


The probability of old players turning into small cigarette users is very high. If you please old players, these people are likely to bring more novices into the pit


Old players may say to novices:



If you want to go into the pit and don't know what to buy, buy a small cigarette and experience it first. I can recommend several types of cigarette oil to you.



instead of:



Don't buy small cigarettes. You can't add cigarette oil yourself. Cigarette bombs are too expensive. There aren't many easy to smoke. It's better to buy a box to play with.



I haven't talked about the cost of buying cigarette bombs above, because it is too objective.



After seeing the price of cigarette bombs, many players will not buy this small cigarette at all, leading to further blocking of the market.



I expect that there will be more devices on the market that allow the self addition of tobacco oil.



We also hope that these manufacturers can sell their own  salt tobacco oil to the outside world at the same time. After all, some players love this kind of tobacco oil very much.


It flatters players and increases profits at the same time.


What do you think is the reason why manufacturers do not make small smoke equipment that can add smoke oil?



Is it not allowed by technology?



If technology doesn't allow, don't sell your products. Let competent manufacturers do it.



Or is it driven by interests?



Don't talk about stability of taste. Whatever taste is, I choose it myself. What does it have to do with you?



Manufacturers are scrambling to share the cake. It's better to make the cake bigger first and share the part they deserve.

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