In the next five years, the electronic cigarette market in Europe will enter a "period of change"





There is a trend that is changing. In the next few years, e-cigarettes will depend on Europe!



Today, a group of overseas data shows that the global electronic cigarette market will be worth 57.02 billion US dollars in 2021, of which the European market is the leader, and Europe is expected to occupy a large regional share in the global steam product market in 2028, with a high-speed development trend.



According to this set of data, the global market value of e-cigarettes is 57.02 billion US dollars, about 399.1 billion yuan. According to 30% growth in 2022, it may break the market value of 70 billion US dollars, which is less than the market value of 108 billion US dollars published by the China Electronic Cigarette Association. However, the European electronic cigarette market is promising, which deserves attention.



Once upon a time, in addition to the big smog, it was difficult for Europe to break into the bullet-changing e-cigarettes, but why was the European e-cigarettes market very promising in the past two years?



The core point in the near future is that it is taking over the European market at one time, which has also brought "huge ecological changes" to the local market.



Due to the lack of taste, or the amount of smoke, or the cumbersome, inconvenient, easy to leak oil, and uneconomical price of the cartridge changing type, it has been unable to form a good repurchase in the European market.



But one-time, it has brought tremendous changes to the European market.






I have been thinking about the question, why can't I afford to play in China at one time, but why is the disposable electronic cigarette taking over the European electronic cigarette market?



Although there are still many aspects to be improved in one-time, one-time arrival in Europe can trigger new changes in the European market.



At one time, electronic cigarettes were not popular in Europe. The main reasons for not accepting them were the low content of and the need to refill the equipment once the electronic liquid was used up. However, after the introduction of disposable electronic cigarettes in Europe, the situation has changed dramatically. These devices are disposable and do not need to be supplemented with electronic cigarette oil frequently. Once they are fully used, you can discard them and buy a new one. In this way, disposable cigarettes can also let consumers try different tastes. Disposable electronic cigarettes are taking over the European electronic cigarette market.



At the same time, it is "improved" at one time. Gradually shift to a favorable development direction with one-time use habits.



At present, in the European market, many e-cigarette stores with a wide range of disposable e-cigarettes have finally become famous in Europe.



And disposable also becomes environmentally friendly, renewable, rechargeable, and both.



At the same time, one-time can be legal.



Because electronic cigarette brands use synthetic nicotine to form the basis of electronic cigarette oil. It can not only help them sell e-cigarettes safely, but also let consumers try different flavors of e-cigarettes without worrying about breaking the law and meeting the different needs of European users in taste. In particular, the emerging vape brands Elf Bar, Geek Bar, Hyde, Esco Bar and other brands also lead the industry in Europe, both in fruit and rich flavor.



The product is not heavy and easy to use. You can buy it and use it directly. Because the disposable electronic cigarette pen uses compact packaging, with built-in batteries, cigarette bombs and pre-installed electronic cigarette oil. Therefore, there is no need to assemble any of their components separately, which makes the equipment very convenient to use and carry.



At the same time, the one-time production cost is lower, the price advantage, and the price of the equipment is also far lower than that of other electronic cigarette equipment, so that everyone can afford it, aiming at a large customer base.



The one-time arrival really breaks the "tranquility" of the European electronic cigarette market. One-time, multi-mouth, is more mainstream than bullet-changing and large smoke. At the same time, due to the structure of disposable products, the disposable atomizer has a larger amount of smoke and more feeling. In addition, it can smoke more, better meet the needs of users for smoking, and also has a good atomization effect. It is small and does not lose the feeling of mechanical smoke.





(European stores are rich in various categories)



In Europe, the only risk is taste. This has also led many people who make products to say that the future trend of global electronic cigarettes, is it one-time or replacement? There is a question mark.



It has broken the habits of the European market that the demand for upgrading is not strong, the stickiness is strong and the re-purchase is not obvious. It has indeed triggered "change" in the European market at one time.



In a European region with a population of 740 million, if only 10% of e-cigarettes infiltrate, it will reach 70 million e-cigarettes users.




And in Europe, the sex ratio of smokers is basically fifty-five. The proportion of heavy smokers is Sweden, Poland, Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and Lithuania. There are about 100 million adult smokers in the European market, and the annual cigarette consumption is about 6.4 billion dollars. While the world consumes 20.3 billion cigarettes a day, most of the countries/regions with the highest per capita consumption of tobacco are in Europe.



There are many people who are optimistic about the European market. The giants including British American Tobacco have increased their market development and investment in Europe. In addition, some European countries also like tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes very much. For example, Italy.



In general, Europe has become one of the major markets for disposable products. It is estimated that it will account for about 35.69% of the global disposable market share between 2021-2030 (Grand View Research), second only to North America, the largest market.



This year's WHO data also shows that the proportion of smoking and drinking in Europe is the highest in the world. In the EU, 30% of the population smokes.



At present, there are more than 80 million users of e-cigarettes worldwide. According to the latest research on the Global Tobacco Hazard Reduction (GSTHR) of the Knowledge Action Change Project, the number of global e-cigarette users has increased by 20% from 2020 to 2021. The organization estimates that there are currently 82 million e-cigarette users worldwide.



Apart from 11 million users in the United States and 7 million users in China, the majority of the share is in Europe. In the future, the alternative way for the current 1.1 billion smokers to get rid of combustible tobacco is electronic cigarette, which shows the broad market.



The penetration rate of e-cigarettes in most countries is not high. For example, the UK has the highest coverage rate of e-cigarettes, and the penetration rate of e-cigarettes is only 7%. 4.3 million of the 7.4 million cigarettes are e-cigarettes, and the proportion of the 67327000 people in the country is less than 10%.



At present, the United States is the largest e-cigarette market in the world, with a value of US $10.3 billion, followed by Western Europe (US $6.6 billion), the Asia-Pacific region (US $4.4 billion) and Eastern Europe (US $1.6 billion). The smallest market is the Middle East and Africa, with US $490 million, Latin America with US $122 million and Oceania with US $118 million.



At present, there is no complete electronic cigarette industry cluster in China in Europe, which is also an opportunity for our Chinese manufacturers. In China, there are more than 600 certified factories and no less than 50 powerful manufacturers.



At present, Europe looks at several countries, such as Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, etc. At the same time, we also pay attention to the markets in Eastern Europe, such as Albania and Bulgaria. There is still a large space for retail channels.



In any case, the electronic cigarette market in Europe has entered a "period of change". In the next few years, the global electronic cigarette market in Europe will not be missed! At present, the use rate of e-cigarettes in Nordic and Western European countries is often higher, the market capacity is larger, and the number of employees in this industry is also higher; On the contrary, the Eastern European market is still in a blank development blue ocean, which deserves attention

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