Can electronic cigarettes really quit smoking? After reading this article, I suddenly realized!

Can electronic cigarettes really quit smoking? After reading this article, I suddenly realized!




Since last year, e-cigarettes have become very popular. As a substitute product, it can help old smokers quit smoking and is loved by smokers. However, there are many doubts in the market. Can e-cigarettes really quit smoking? Don't worry, you will understand after reading the following points.



Can electronic cigarettes really quit smoking? After reading this article, I suddenly realized!



Can electronic cigarettes really quit smoking? Principle of electronic smoke



E-cigarette is a kind of electronic product that imitates cigarettes. It has similar appearance, smoke and feeling to ordinary cigarettes. Since  is turned into steam by atomization, e-cigarette does not contain tar and will not generate soot. As for the taste of e-cigarettes, since they are not burning and are not real cigarettes, the taste is always different from that of real cigarettes, but they are close to cigarettes to the greatest extent.



Can electronic cigarettes really quit smoking? Can electronic cigarettes quit smoking?



E-cigarettes are closer to the use habits of cigarettes. When smokers use e-cigarettes, they can satisfy their psychological addiction by smoking, so as to reduce their physical and psychological dependence on cigarettes, thereby gradually reducing the demand for cigarettes and gradually replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes. It can be seen that e-cigarettes are not ineffective for quitting smoking. It can be said that e-cigarettes are a substitute for cigarettes and can be regarded as an auxiliary means for quitting smoking.



Can electronic cigarettes really quit smoking? Can electronic cigarettes be addictive?



Smokers acquire  by burning tobacco.  reaches the brain through nasal inhalation. Tar and other chemicals add to  addiction. While other substitutes are generally taken orally to make  reach the brain through the blood, and electronic cigarettes are only inhaled through the lungs without other chemicals.


is a common ingredient in a healthy diet, including eggplant, tomato, potato, cauliflower and so on. Even infants were tested positive for cotinine. In fact, cotinine normally exists in human body, but there is a baseline for this content.  is of great help in the treatment of cognitive dysfunction and autoimmune diseases. During the treatment of non-smokers suffering from such diseases, it did not find the potential of dependence or addiction. Therefore, some people doubt that  contained in cigarette oil will lead to addiction to electronic cigarettes, which is one-sided.



At present, the concentration of electronic cigarette oil in the market is mainly divided into four safety standard concentrations: no 0mg, low 6mg, medium 12mg and high 18mg. Excessive concentration may cause chest tightness and nausea to consumers.  salt is popular on the market, so it is. Of course, there are also some customized electronic cigarette oil concentrations, such as 3mg, 9mg, 11mg and 24mg, which are specially customized by the cigarette oil manufacturer according to the needs of special customers. Therefore, if you choose free oil to smoke, you will not be addicted. High concentration  oil is prepared for people who need to quit smoking. If you just switch from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, you may not be able to control it for a while. Therefore, it is suggested that smokers who choose electronic cigarettes as alternative products can gradually reduce the concentration to achieve the goal of quitting smoking. As the use of e-cigarettes increases, you may have a sense of dependence, but it is not addictive. Just like you eat sugar every day and suddenly you will not be used to it one day, so dependence does not mean addiction!



Can electronic cigarettes really quit smoking? Is electronic smoke harmful to the body?



Dr. Konstantinos farsalinos, a well-known cardiologist and anti smoking researcher in Greece, and his colleagues investigated and studied the smoking status of e-cigarette consumers in Greece and the changes in their health status after switching to e-cigarettes through random sampling. The study found that e-cigarette users who have never smoked traditional cigarettes are rare, and the vast majority of e-cigarette users are former smokers.



Most participants used the third-generation electronic cigarette equipment (61.8%) and non tobacco flavored tobacco liquid (58.9%), with an average daily liquid consumption of 5 ml. According to the feedback from participants, after switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, they mainly experienced the health benefits brought by e-cigarettes, such as improved exercise ability, smell and taste, and improved physical condition. The most common side effects were throat irritation and cough.



The researchers concluded that the consumers of e-cigarettes in Greece are mainly former smokers. It is rare for people who never smoke to use e-cigarettes, and there has been no smoking since then. After switching to electronic cigarettes, most people can obviously feel that their health conditions have been improved, such as their exercise ability, smell and taste have been improved.



After reading the above points, I believe everyone can understand whether e-cigarettes can quit smoking. There is nothing difficult in the world. If those who have the heart change to e-cigarettes, the road to success in quitting smoking is not far away!

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