Frying oil is a problem that many people often encounter during the use of steam smoke. Under what circumstances will oil explosion occur?

Frying oil is a problem that many people often encounter during the use of steam smoke. Under what circumstances will oil explosion occur?


Electronic cigarette "frying oil" solution


It turns out that the relationship between frying oil and atomizer structure is not very great, which is usually caused under the following conditions:




A large part of frying oil is caused by cotton. The coils we make are perfect. Why do we still have fried oil in use? It may be because there is less cotton when we wear cotton. When we wear it, we clearly fill the coil. However, due to the shrinkage of the cotton, after the cotton is wetted by the tobacco oil, the cotton will become thinner, so the coil cannot be filled. The dissatisfaction of the cotton in the middle of the coil will cause oil explosion, that is, the heat is not uniform.



There is an inevitable relationship between frying oil and power. For example, the low-power resistance we use is 0.5 ω, Normally, when we push it to about 30W, the atomization can be relatively complete. However, if we use 20W or 15W, the heating speed will be slow due to insufficient power, and the smoke oil can not be atomized sufficiently and quickly. Therefore, oil explosion will occur. Too high power will also lead to oil explosion.


temperature control


Temperature control is also more prone to frying oil. This is inevitable, because the temperature control needs to be increased instantaneously, and oil explosion will occur when it belongs to the explosion point output. In addition, the loose winding used in the temperature control Ni200 is easier to explode oil than the tight winding.


Bituminous oil


The ratio of VG and PG of the bituminous oil is 5vg: 5pg, 6vg: 4pg, etc. among them, the ratio of bituminous oil that is prone to frying oil is 4vg: 6PG, which is the customary ratio of Malaysian bituminous oil. That is, if the bituminous oil is not viscous enough, the phenomenon of frying oil will also occur. If the bituminous oil in Malaysia is used well, you will not have this phenomenon. However, sometimes the ratio of frying oil and your bituminous oil will also be related.


Fancy fever


Why is it said that fancy heating wire is easy to fry oil? Let's simply say that because the fancy heating wire needs more heating wire than the normal heating wire under the same resistance, the power of the heating wire we normally use cannot meet the output power on the Clapton. The phenomenon of oil frying will also occur. This is because the problem of oil frying will be solved as long as the adjustment power is increased


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